week 6

I think that I am pretty much done with my passion project, I have a few pictures to share there are not like 10 pictures because like I have said previously I am very picky about my the pictures that I share with people.

week 5

The rain has not been my friend I don't like to take pictures in the rain so I am hoping this weekend it will be sunny so that way I can take more pictures. As of right now I have about 5-7 pictures. I am really picky with my pictures so it takes me a really long time to decide what I like. I think for right now I am going to go on a doc and write a little bit about my pictures to put in the scrapbook with my pictures.

link for the doc

week 4

I am going to take pictures this weekend if I can. I have been realizing that not much flowers have bloomed yet. I have some that I took with rain and other things like the sun but it has been not really sunny lately so ive just been waiting. Most of my passion project is happening at home so I am usually  just doing research here at school.

I gathered up a few tips the other week that I would like to share. If you are thinking about exploring this as something you might be passionate about I would like to help with that.


1. One of the first things you want to always do either it is your phone a small camera or a big expensive camera is to hold it with BOTH hands. This is important because when you are taking your pictures you do not want it to be shaky or not up right.

2. If you are taking a landscape picture it is always best to use a wide angle, there is not much reasoning behind this people jut say it makes it look better and you can also get more in your picture then if you w…

week 3

Today I am reading over some notes i took on how to take better pictures, as soon as i find it... This weekend I am taking some of the pictures. Since I have 8 weeks i will be practicing skills because I am very picky about what pictures i keep and because people are gong to see them I want to practice to try and make them better. As well I am going to look at some videos.
the link for my inspirationvideo 1

week 2

this week is going good next weekend i am going to be taking my pictures for example i am going to go outside and find some locations. As of right now i am looking at inspiration for my pictures.

week 1

Today is my first day of passion projects. For my passion projects i am going to be doing photography. Today I plan on researching things about techniques on camera angles and some pictures for inspiration. If i have time I will start my 60 second pitch prep and write down ideas on a piece of paper.